Sunday, November 21, 2010


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Now, today here we will discuss about all properties of MAGNET

A magnet is a substance that attract magnetic substance like iron, nickle and cobalt towards itself and this property of magnet due to which it attacts magnetic thing towards itself is called magnetism. The term magnet comes from a greek word 'magnesia' the discovery of magnet is related to a very interesting story happened in magnesia, a city in greece. Once, there was a shepherd, who takes his sheeps on a hill, where there is large mountains of magnet. One day he observed that the iron plate on his shoe sole gets attracted towards that mountain, then he came to village and told the villager about this whole phenomenon and this led to the discovery of magnet.

Properties of magnet - 

1.  If a magnet is suspended freely, it always direct towards the north, south direction.

2. Opposite pole of magnet attracts each other.

3. Same pole of magnet repels each other

4. If we cut any magnet into two pieces , the each piece of magnet will behave like a complete magnet in itself, it means no isolated pole can exist.

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